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  • CA KMS KMS_2000.034.001
  • Item

This object is a small round bowl with flared lip at the top. The inside of the bowl is white with a glossy finish while the outside is painted a sea foam green color with floral designs. Across the outside of the bowl there are small light green ...


  • CA KMS KMS_2000.121.001a-h
  • Item

Five minute carved bone animals; two red bean seeds, one hollowed out with bone stopper for storage of animals.

Ball, Puzzle

  • CA KMS KMS_E-988-018-015a-b
  • Item

Ivory carving puzzle ball with a four part ivory stand. E-988-018-015a Ivory puzzle ball with at least eight layers of carving. The outermost layer is carved with a raised floral motif; the inner layers are carved with lattice work like geometric ...

Stamp, Marking

  • CA TN TN_2014.009.009
  • Item

A rubber stamp that has the masonic symbol in the center and reads " Chee Kong Tong Chinese Free Mason P.O. Box 137 Nelson, B.C."

Stamp, Marking

  • CA TN TN_2014.009.013
  • Item

A rubber stamp with a wooden handle and a makers label for "Sun Tai Lok Co. 803 Grant Ave. San Francisco, Cal."

Stamp, Marking

  • CA TN TN_2014.009.017
  • Item

A rubber stamp that reads "Chee Kong Tong P.O. Box 137 Nelson, B.C. - Canada." The handle is made of wood and has a plastic slot holding a stamped piece of paper of the stamp.

Stamp, Marking

  • CA TN TN_2014.009.018
  • Item

A carved wooden square shaped stamp.

Newspaper Article - 9 February 1922 - police raid on Chinese premises

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-059
  • Item

“Police Raided Chinese Premises – While the majority of the Sidney residents were at the Auditorium last Saturday evening and enjoying the splendid programme provided by the management, there was an altogether different scene being enacted just a ...

Newspaper Article - 28 September 1922 - Chinese in court

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-060
  • Item

Cases in Local Police Court Wong, a Chinaman, pleaded guilty last Monday, in the local provincial police court to a charge of having opium in his possession and was fined $200, with the option of six months in jail. If Wong, who claims to be a Br...

Newspaper Article - 14 November 1913 - Chinese involved in accident

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-061
  • Item

“Serious Accident Caused By A Runaway Team – Driver Was Thrown Under the Wheels of a Loaded Wagon and Received Serious Internal Injuries. – On Tuesday afternoon at about 3.15, Sing, the Chinaman working for Mer. Percy Finch on his North Saanich r...

Newspaper Article - 10 April 1924 - racist poem

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-066
  • Item

"Just a Chink" Sweet strains of music caught my ear On Sunday afternoon. I knew they came not from the church, The hour it was too soon. 'Twas just a simple melody-- Yet, melody so rare, That floated o'er the nearby bu...

Photograph - Nelson Chinese Youth Association Basketball Team

  • CA TN TN_2003.066.006
  • Item

A black and white copy negative of the Nelson Chinese Youth Association basketball team. There are eleven young men in uniforms, and a young woman on the right hand side and a young man on the left, presumably the coaches.

Photograph - Nelson Chinese Youth Association

  • CA TN TN_2003.066.005
  • Item

A black and white copy negative of the Nelson Chinese Youth Association. There are six young men standing and three seated, as well as a seated young woman.

Newspaper Article - 26 October 1922 - racist poem

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-079
  • Item

James Island News Items …. Lim Fi Dear Editor, you ask me why I should discourse on one Lim Fi? I answer you as I thing fit That in some circles Fi is “IT.” For men may come and men may go, (Life’s so uncertain here below) But still Lim Fi remains...

Newspaper Article - 14 September 1938 - death of Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-081
  • Item

According to Provincial Police reports Soo You, Chinese, who was employed at the Sidney Duck Farm operated by Mr. L. G. Thomas, East Road, died suddenly on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, at the age of 62 years, death being due to natural causes. He is repor...

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